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Summer of the Virus

It's been a pretty slow summer. Lila turned seven, but that has pretty much been the highlight!

Since COVID is still here, we having been staying home. We don't go to grocery stores. We don't go to playgrounds. We don't go to church. We don't go anywhere there are crowds of people or germs.

To keep Lila from going stir crazy, we have set up some sensory activities like bins full of dry beans with toys in them. Unfortunately, we don't have any play equipment in the back yard, but we go for walks in our neighborhood. Lila desperately wants us to play with her, so we have gotten some new games to play together.

Lila is learning how to follow directions, take turns, and share. As you can see from this video of us learning to play Pop the Pig, she is silly and sooo sassy. This girl wants to things her way and only her way. That is hard to battle when there are no other kids to share with right now. We can't wait to get back to time with friends!


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