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Time for a (Christmas) Break!

It has been a long, long semester of school Zoom sessions and virtual therapies. We all get tired as the week goes on, and we have definitely been looking forward to Christmas break.

Friday was Lila’s last day of school and therapy until after the new year. Can you tell by the look on her face? She is so excited for some days of rest, independent play, snuggles with mom, dad, and the kitty, PBS games on her iPad, and playing outside.

Lila’s behavior gets ”interesting” when she’s tired - tantrums, stubbornness, crying. And we’ve been living in a state of sustained fatigue since Halloween. We’re hoping a break will relieve some of what she’s feeling that drives these behaviors.

She Zoomed with Santa last weekend, and after taking a couple seconds to tell him what she wanted, she then promptly hung up. I think she’ll be happy not to have a Zoom session for a while. Hopefully she will grow to miss it by January.

Lila seems to be understanding and remembering more about Christmas this year, so we got the Little People nativity set for her to play with as we read the Christmas story.

She helped to decorate the tree and can hardly keep her hands off the Christmas presents (whether they’re hers or not)! We drove around looking at Christmas lights, and her eyes were so wide. We kept hearing Ooooooooo coming from the back seat.

No doubt, it’s been a hard year, but experiencing life is so much sweeter with Lila. Everything is just so much more rich than it was before she came along. Precious girl. Here’s to a happy winter break for her!


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