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Lila made a pop tart house!

A lot of the year is hard. We practically have to schedule time to play with Lila. That’s why I think we’ve found a new Christmas tradition. It’s Christmas Eve, and we have some family time on our hands! So we made a pop tart house (instead of a ginger bread house), and it was a fun time I think we’ll always remember!

Pop tarts are so much easier to deal with, and we already had some of the supplies:

  • 6 pop tarts

  • vanilla icing

  • a serrated knife

  • a spoon

  • mini marshmallows

  • raisins

  • m&ms

  • sprinkles

  • any other decorative candies you want!

When I buy a gingerbread kit, I’m always worried it will break, and it takes the fun out of it. This time, we had more pop tarts, so we weren’t worried.

Here’s how to make a pop tart house:

1. Use the serrated knife to saw 4 pop tarts to avoid breaking them (see below).

  • cut 2 pop tarts in a matching corners off in a diagonal pattern near the tops

  • cut about 1/4 pop tart off each of 2 pop tarts (matching sizes)

  • leave the other 2 as is uncut

2. Use the frosting to glue the pieces together!

3. Put the roof pieces on with frosting and let it set. 4. After a couple minutes, you can add vanilla frosting to the roof and sides and add your decorations.

We assembled all of this on some wax paper for quick clean up.

This is how we did it, but you can get the full tutorial here.

Lila was so excited to decorate and eat her pop tart house! Mom and dad got to join in the fun family activity and help Lila put it all together. Plus Lila got to eat “decorations” to her heart’s content. This definitely put us in the holiday spirit.


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