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Her Story

Lila was born with Down syndrome. Her parents knew before she was born, and the doctor who told them said that Lila would have a hard life. The doctor told them about some of the medical issues that Lila could have and concluded by mentioning that her parents had the option to terminate the pregnancy.

Obviously, her parents chose to keep their baby and a few months later, Lila was born. Lila has had some medical issues. They were hard, but they were treatable. She has the best smile and a mischievous spirit. She lifts the spirits in a room. Not a day goes by that her parents regret the decision to keep their baby girl.

Lila and her family are part of a growing community of people who support Down syndrome. It’s important to spread awareness and show support because a large part of the world does not welcome those with Down syndrome.

  • In the US and France, the rate of termination of preterm babies with Down syndrome is 70-80%.

  • In Denmark and Iceland, the termination rate is nearly 100%. That is the goal in many countries.

  • In schools, people with DS have to fight to be included and are usually segregated.

  • Within the last 50 years, most people with Down syndrome were sent to live in institutions. Very few lived in their communities.

  • In many states, people with Down syndrome can’t get an organ transplant.

  • Abuse happens every 98 seconds, and people with disabilities are 2 times more likely to experience abuse.

Lila, her family, and her friends want to make the world a more accepting and safe place for people who have Down syndrome. Lila will share facts, resources, important events and dates, and she’ll raise money for great Down syndrome organizations! Please join her in supporting people with Down syndrome.

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