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Lila’s Lanyards

Employment for people with disabilities is difficult. Many employers can’t see any capability because of the label, or they see hiring people with disabilities as a risk. Lila’s mom and dad are well aware of that, and they want her to have a future doing something she loves that fits her talents.

Even at a young age, Lila has talents, and Lila’s mom and dad want to help her develop her talents into work she can do as an adult. That’s why they built Lila’s little business called “Lila’s Lanyards.”

Lila loves to work with her hands. She focuses closely and sits patiently. “Lila’s Lanyards” is carefully designed to serve many purposes.

1. This form of “mentorship” teaches Lila skills she can use as an adult.

2. The practice she gets as she works reinforces all of her therapy.

3. Lila and her mom get to spend quality time together.

4. The community becomes aware that people with disabilities have talents, capabilities, and interests past what the label implies.

Lila makes as much of each lanyard as she is capable (stringing the beads), and her mom is teaching her to do the rest as she grows in capability. Together, they ensure the products are high quality and worth the cost.

Lila’s family had no idea how much support they would see from the community for her business! Lila has been successful selling her lanyards in specialty shops, and now she’s branching out to do special orders online.

Email to order one of the designs below!

Cost is $20 per lanyard + $2.50 shipping (if needed)

** Time to deliver depends on stock on hand. Time to make them will likely be needed.

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