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We need you to support Lila's Law

Ever since Ron and I were told that Lila could not get an organ transplant simply because she has Down syndrome, it has been our mission to stop anyone else from hearing those awful words. I have been working on it for over 4 years for the state of Arkansas. . Arkansas State Senator Breanne Davis worked so hard on SB155 – Lila’s Law – to stop discrimination against people with disabilities who seek an organ transplant in our state. We can’t thank her enough for listening and taking action. . It was a hole in her heart they had never seen before. Yet the doctor told us to pray the repair surgery would work because a transplant was not an option for her due to her diagnosis. Thank goodness it did work (but not without complications) – because otherwise Lila may not be here today. So many other families have experienced this same thing. People with disabilities deserve the same consideration for a transplant as people without disabilities get. . This is a great bill that educates about disabilty rights and empowers Arkansans with disabilities. Our family is honored to be a part of it, and we hope it passes into law! Call your AR State Senator and Representatives to tell them you support SB155 - Lila’s Law!! . Read the bill:

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Spread the Word About Lila's Law!

Spread the word! SB 155 is now Act 837!! This law: • protects people with disabilities from organ transplant discrimination • requires providers to give reasonable accommodations needed to help people


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