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Not Always Happy

Don’t you experience a wide range of feelings every day? People with #DownSyndrome are sad, happy, disappointed, excited, angry - all kinds of emotions in response to what they experience.

Lila dislikes hospitals because she remembers her experiences there. Lots of surgeries. Lots of pain.

She gets angry when she hears the word, “hot.” When she hears that word, she remembers two things:

1. Being uncomfortable (hot car).

2. Having to wait (hot food).

Lila gets excited when we go through a drive-through window. “YAAAAAAY!” She remembers that those magic windows hand out yummy food like cake pops.

She gets excited when we drive the path to Grandma’s house because she loves to see her family, and she can remember how to get there.

Lila expresses disappointment when she can’t watch her favorite show or has to pick up her toys.

Lila gets upset when she sees the doctor giving Mommy a shot because she knows they hurt!

Some people think that individuals with Down syndrome (DS) are always happy. Many assume that individuals with DS must be smiling and “simple-minded.” That is not true, and five minutes with Lila would reveal that! She has opinions, thoughts, and needs. She has a lot going on in that little head, and even in the span of a few minutes, she can express multiple emotions.

This is just another way that people with DS are more like you than different! We share this, so that our communities can move past awareness toward acceptance and inclusion.


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