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Lila is a very active girl with Down syndrome. She doesn't speak much, and she’s still learning a lot.  Through therapy, her parents and teachers realized that Lila becomes very focused when she creates art and uses her hands.


Lila may be only 8 now, but as a person with disabilities, employment will be a challenge. Who says she can’t start early? Her parents are dedicated to building her strengths and marketing her skills as she grows. 

I takes Lila a while to make them, but given enough time for production, they are available online for order.


Does Lila really make these?

Since Lila is 8, her mom helps her with a lot of the construction of each lanyard, but Lila does string the beads. She will get better and better at this as she grows, and Lila's mom will teach her how to make them completely by herself when she's ready.

Will they break?

Like any product you buy, yes, it could break. But these aren't made with any old craft string. They're created with heavy-duty string that is made to withstand 30 pounds.

What are they made of?
They are made of quality products, and they have a hook and ring that will securely hold identification or keys. They are also made at different lengths to allow for different body types.

Where are they sold?

They are sold in a gift shop called The Blue Umbrella in Little Rock, Arkansas. You can contact us to request to buy one or to request to sell them in your shop.

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