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Link between Mono & Leukemia for those with Down syndrome

Did you know that there’s a link between mono (also called Epstein Barr Virus) and the increased chance of leukemia in children with Down syndrome?

It’s hard as parents to know what to do. We have to listen to our doctors, but they can be wrong.

If you feel an inkling of disagreement with your doctor, start a log. Be sure you can document and prove the symptoms and reasons you disagree. Take it back to your doctor, and if you still can’t get help, get a second opinion.

The study above shows the proven increased chance for children with mono to possibly have leukemia, especially for those with a condition such as Down syndrome.

Parents know their kids best. Never be afraid to insist on that extra test. You may have to fight. A lot of times, symptoms are brushed off as a harmless cold. Time and again, we go to the doctor. This mom did not give up, and they finally found out the true cause of her daughter’s symptoms.


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